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CEO's activity includes venture capital investment in innovation, technology and commercial real estate market for a variety of companies.

CEO's media exposure includes a feature on the magazine "Top 100 in Finance 2021" for his achievement at USAKO Group, Sahara Street, Native Agtech, Watch Skin, WIF AX, chamber of commerce, professorship at a university and other for-profits and non-profits including venture capital, commercial real estate industries, and community service non-profit sectors.


South Korea Busan Money Show 21


Silicon Valley Global Investment on Deep-Tech Venture Pitch

On August 19, 2021,  its CEO Han Ko joined Deep-Tech Venture Pitch again, along side with U.S. governmental and military tech and investment professionals in Deep-Tech Showcase*, as in the capacity of an investor panel and a judge in this global program. Startups around the world is invited to attend this including U.S.A., Isreali, European and S. Korean.

The Deep-Tech Showcase is a reputable global program and is funded by the US government.


Venture Cafe, a global startup and investor network platform, hosted a demo day for startups in the ecosystem, and CEO Han Ko participated in this program as an investor and a judge. Venture Cafe is an internationally recognized program for global startups and investors.

During the program, its CEO had an opportunity to introduce Sahara Street, LLC to U.S. investors, startups and real estate/blockchain industry professionals during the program.

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